Their journey with US label Melodic Revolution Records began with the release of “Northumbria” (2011) Since then, they’ve treated fans to two more albums: “A Home In Your Thoughts” (2017) and their latest offering, “The Affinity Oeuvre” (2024).

Meet the talented members:

  • Ellsworth Hall (keyboards, vocals) received classical training in piano and theory, showcasing his skills across solo performances in California, New England, and the Mid-Atlantic. Beyond Aethellis, he’s contributed to various bands and projects, crafting custom music for multimedia endeavors.

  • Mark Van Natta (guitar, vocals) honed his craft alongside Baltimore legend Tim Fields before furthering his studies at Peabody Conservatory and Berklee College of Music. As the founder of Affinity Music Library, he provides stock and bespoke music for media needs, while also lending his talents to multiple bands in the Greater Baltimore area.

  • Erik Marks (bass, vocals) pursued classical upright bass and trumpet studies at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in the early ’80s. Not only does he hold the fort at Aethellis’ rehearsal studio, but he’s also lent his talents to various blues, rock, and funk projects, both locally and beyond.

  • Geoff Holdridge (electric viols, vocals) boasts a rich musical background, starting classical training at a young age and expanding his expertise across multiple genres, from blues and rock to jazz and medieval music. With a solid foundation from Yale University and professional experience with bands like Outta Scope, he brings a diverse flair to Aethellis, having been with the band since 2018, with a brief hiatus in 2020.

  • Mark Lucas (drums, vocals) joined the ensemble in 2021, recommended by Larry Hale for summer and fall performances. Mark’s background in jazz adds depth to Aethellis’ groove, enriching their original compositions with his rhythmic finesse.

Ellsworth Hall: Keyboards, Vocals & Guitar 
Mark Van Natta: Guitars & Vocals 
Erik Marks: Bass Guitar 
Chris Marks: Guitar 
Mike Harrington: Drums 
Joseph Dwyer: Sax

The Affinity Oeuvre (2024) CD & Digital and Streaming
A Home In Your Thoughts (2017) CD & Digital and Streaming
Northumbria (2011) CD & Digital and Streaming
Aethellis (2008) CD & Digital and Streaming