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The Scarlet Hollow sound is powerful, light and dark, ethereal, heavy, melodic music with an emphasis on the rock in progressive rock, respecting the listener’s intelligence by performing and producing high-quality music with thought provoking lyrics and sonic sophistication. 

Scarlet Hollows music is made with a high level of musicianship, yet nothing seems sterile and polished so much that all the raw energy and emotion is squeezed out of it. They blend diverse influences to make music that is not geared towards pop music trends and fashion statements. 

Scarlet Hollow’s music combines hauntingly beautiful and textural sections of music, with very heavy, dark, and powerful sections, often shifting undetectably between odd time signatures yet never losing site of the song’s intent and message. Traveling effortlessly between progressive rock and metal, Scarlet Hollow will take you on an emotional ride with dark heavy guitar riffs, soaring leads, beautiful atmospheres, adventurous arrangements, haunting vocal melodies, and a powerhouse rhythm section.

2012 Scarlet Hollow release their long-awaited and acclaimed debut album ‘What If Never Was,’ and ( just days after finishing the album ) Gregg had a massive stroke. Docs told Allison his wife and Vocalist Allison that he wouldn’t live past the first night. but did and spent the next 4 months in the hospital and a wheelchair… it was touch and go at first, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

2014 California prog metal band Scarlet Hollow return with their first official video release of “As The Blade Falls” an incredible animated video by Gerald Hapeman from their critically acclaimed album “What if Never Was” which was released worldwide in late 2012.

The band had to abruptly put all plans of touring on hold immediately after the release as guitarist Gregg Olson had a stroke that left him paralyzed down one side of his body. The bands future was uncertain, to say the least; fast forward to 2014, Gregg has not only recovered with the help of his friends, family, and fans but also through extensive therapy. The band were now back to working on their 2nd full lengrhth albu

2016 We are back in the ICU at Los Robles. Gregg had another bleed in the brain stem. It is not as bad as his 2012 stroke….

 Fast forward to 2017, after much physical therapy and rehabilitation Gregg and the band are back and better than ever with a new album due out soon. 

To celebrate the release of the upcoming album Scarlet Hollow and Melodic Revolution Records have decided to make the lead single “I Am Divided” available for FREE Download for a limited time. This is not a cheesy 192 or less bit toss away track. This is the same HI Res 24 Bit Recording that is on the upcoming album.

2019, due to health issues it has taken a bit longer to record the follow up to ‘What If Never Was’ but Scarlet Hollow is in the home stretch… the new album has been recorded and it’s being tweaked and prepped to get it mixed and mastered.

October 8, 2019 
The self-titled debut “Never Look Away” from California based Folk-Rock Singer-Songwriter artist Allison vonBuelow is out now. The solo alum features members of Scarlet Hollow

March 1, 2020  sees the release of our 2nd album “A Window to October”

A Critics Point of View

A Window To October which is in all ways the best album to date. Better songs than ever, nicely varied, more focused, and with really good interaction.
Ulf Backstrøm – Permafrost

A Window To October ‘ is recommended for the lover of the quieter prog.
Esther’s – Rock Blog

The music is properly crafted throughout these twelve songs.
Torodd Fuglesteg – The Sound of Fighting Cats

The vocal parts are often almost haunting, the energetic rhythm, the SCARLET HOLLOW sound is very typical on ambient melodic prog, very far from their first draft. A sanitized, monochrome universe, good for a relaxing evening
Alain Massard – Profile

Band Members

Allison Vonbuelow: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, synths 
Gregg Olson: Electric Guitars 
Jeff Mack: Bass Guitars 
Jay Setar: Drums and Percussion

Former Members

Diego Grom Meraviglia: Drums and Percussion


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A Window to October (2020) CD & Digital Album
I Am Divided (2017) Digital Single 
What If Never Was (2012) CD & Digital Album
Sanctuary – Remaster(2010) Digital EP

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