Reya of Titan is the band’s highly praised the second release a concept album about Reya (JoJo Razor) a space miner who ends up becoming a queen of Saturn’s moon Titan. The album features 13 tracks that will pull you in and keep you on the edge of your seat. The music is interwoven with a mix of styles and textures including rock, symphonic and neo-prog with a splatter of Jazz.

Released June 20, 2015 
Recorded at: Pacific Wing Studios, Glob Studios, Garidge Studios 
Studio Engineer: Vance Gloster, Peter Matuchniak, Rick Meadows 
Post Recording Engineer: Vance Gloster, Peter Matuchniak 
Mixing: Vance Gloster 
Mastering: Barry Wood 
Artwork: JoJo Razor, 
Concept: Vance Gloster 
Imagery: Milky Way Image: ESO/S. Burner 

Album Reya of Titan 
Band: Gekko Projekt 
Release Date: June 20, 2015 
Catalog Number: MRR CD 22114 
Format: CD & Digital

1.Elegy 01:27
2.Snow White 04:13
3.Radio Earth Interlude 00:56
4.Grains of Sand 05:19
5.Jovian Belt 03:28 video
6.North of Titan 05:22
7.Frienda 03:51
8.This Is Now Our Home 10:31
9.24 Years of Solitude 04:19
10.Queen of Titan 04:32
11.Escape From The Mines of Titan 02:17
12.Radio Titan Interlude 00:37
13.Sing For Me 03:51

Gekko Projekt is… 
JoJo Razor: Vocals 
Peter Matuchniak: Guitars 
Vance Gloster: Keyboards 
Rick Meadows: Bass 
Alan Smith: Drums 

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