Melodic Revolution Records is honored to have once again participated as panelist (for our 5th year) at the Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase along side Producer Matt LaPlant (Bieler Brothers Records, Atlantic, Roadrunner), Matt Day (Willpower Entertainment), Sam McCaslin (Retrospect Records), Jan Barker (Ashley Talent International) Scott LaFlamme (National Touring Musician / Artist Developer), Tom Parrish (Shark Alley Records), Ricky Hughes, A&R for Crush Drums.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of the bands that participated, poured there heart, soul and energy to put on the best possible performance. It was a joy to watch each and everyone perform as well as to meet so many of the talented musician in person.

Nothin’ Too Fancy (Seminole)
Wicked Revolution (Sarasota)
Aegea (Tampa)
Rockstarr Bentley (Tampa)
5 Star Hooker (Tampa / Lakeland)
From This Fire (Tampa)
Drvn (Tampa)
A(K)New (Aripeka)
A Light Divided (North Carolina)
The Dood (Sarasota)
Nine Mile Drive (Arcadia)
Wirethrone (Tampa)
Howling Midnight (Orlando)
The Cunningham Wake (Clearwater)
Half Ton Hammer (Sarasota)
Seven Sins (Miami)
Rise 2 Brutality (Clearwater)
Death Requisite (Sarasota)
Grasping At The Shadow (Bradenton)
Aionios (Port Richey)

Special Thanks To J-Rock & Patty, The State Theater, The Sound, Lighting Stage Hands Staff And Volunteers.
Extra Special thanks to the sponsors; Crush Drums, Reverbnation, Coldcock Whiskey, Full Wave Sound, Sinister Guitar Picks, Ace High Printing, Localized Music, Freakshow Follies, Fortunato’s and Full Access Magazine for covering the event.