Steve Bonino has got to be one of the busiest guys out there right now, with as many as four new releases under his belt this year starting with RED32 a new Progressive rock outfit as well as his return as a guest on the new Tony Romero’s Vortex album Zen and now two of his own releases. Electric Retrospective 2012-2022 is a true pop album, this album features 18 tracks of  Remixed, Remastered, Unreleased, and Previously self-released music.

“This release allows us to bring these songs into the Melodic Revolution family. The album closes with a sneak peek tune from the upcoming Stargazer 3 release.”

Purchase the Electric Retrospective 2012-2022 CD and receive a second new release Acoustic Retrospective 2012-2022 CD by The Steve Bonino Projects absolutely for Free! 

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