I am very excited to announce that we are now stocking four titles by multi instrumentalist Steve Unruh in our bandcamp store with more to follow.

The first one is a 10 track Solo album titled The Great Divide released in (2007) this what they had to say at DPRP

So, another stunning album from Mr Unruh. Musicians have formed whole careers based on being able to play a single instrument as well as Steve, yet he can do the lot and write beautiful and compelling music at the same time. I urge everyone to visit Steve’s website and listen/download the music that is available from there as you won’t fail to be impressed.Conclusion: 9+ out of 10 MARK HUGHES

No. 2 is a 5 track album The Imperial Hotel by The Samurai of Prog released in (2014) this what they had to say at The Progressive Aspect

The Imperial Hotel is a quite beautifully crafted work that deserves to be heard more widely. Some of the passages are simply breathtaking and the title track is a wonderfully conceived extended work in the grand traditions of High Prog to which The Samurai have added their own stamp. Article by:

No. 3 is a 6 track album Lost and Found by The Samurai of Prog released in (2016) this what they had to say at Background Magazine

Highly recommended to those who like the music made by Rick Wakeman, Yes, Jethro Tull, Kansas, Supertramp, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Steve Hackett and Yes back in the good old seventies. If that describes you, then you should have this double album in your CD collection without any doubt! For me personally, it’s a high possibility that it will end upin my year-end “best of” list for 2016! ***** Henri Strik (edited by Robert James Pashman)
No. 4 is a 10 track album Underground by Resistor released in (2017) this what they had to say at DPRP

I found myself coming back to the album again and again. Yet I still don’t believe I have unlocked all of its secrets. This is a very magical album that tops the already impressive Resistor catalogue of releases. Mark Hughes: 10 out of 10
Stay tuned, coming soon! The new album On We Sail by The Samurai of Prog.
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