Belgian avant-garde prog noir artist Transport Aerian just released a new teaser video for the highly anticipated 5th studio release “Therianthrope” to be released on November 17th. The mastermind behind Transport Aerian is Hamlet and in this video, you will see and hear him talk about the Limited Edition CD Packaging

Transport Aerian features numerous guest musicians, including Paul Sax (Curved Air, Praying for The Rain), Elvya (Ayreon, Elvya), Marco Ragni (solo), Peter Matuchniak (Gekko Project), JoJo Razor (Gekko Project), Dyian, Stef Flaming (Murky Red, Ocean 5), Darren Brush, Stefan Boeykens and Rachel Bauer.

The Cast of Therianthrope
Hamlet // Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Programming, Drums, and Samples
Rachel Bauer // Spoken Word and Vocals
JoJo Razor // Vocals
Paul Sax // Violin
Stef Flaming // Lead Guitar
Stefan Boeykens // Guitar
Elvya // Hammered Dulcimer
Dyian // Hurdy-gurdy
Peter Matuchniak // Guitar
Marco Ragni // Guitar & Keyboards
Darren Brush // Chapman Stick

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