Today we announce something that Transport Aerian has never done before. In 7 days on November 17th, Therianthrope will be released, and I feel I need to give something special for those, who are already certain that they want to have their limited edition copy.

Today we start a pre-order campaign at a special price and with each pre-order, we’ll be giving away a digital sampler called “Perspectives” which includes three (3) songs from our previous catalog. This is a small present for those who only start discovering Transport Aerian’s subjective universe.

We hope you’ll enjoy your travel into our music.
– Hamlet

Therianthrope Track Listing

1. Smirking Sirens
2. Pitchfork Martyrs
3. Let You Never Perish
4. Destroy Me
5. Abstract Symphony I Information Field
6. Abstract Symphony II Saturate
7. September
8. Abstract Symphony III: Lovemeat
9. Eternal Guilt
10. Abstract Symphony IV: Poor Things Need (A Common Interest)
11. Lions
12. Abstract Symphony V Immortals
13. Last Years Of Peace

Perspective – Bonus Tracks:

1.Fog Vision from Bleeding
2. Radio Void from Love.Blood.Live
3. Epitaph from Darkblue