Melodic Revolution Records is proud to welcome Phoen1x to its family of talented musicians and bands. Phoen1x is a progressive rock band based in Atlanta GA, the home of the group leader and founder Phoen1x, formerly known as Peter J. 

The band’s upcoming album Immaterial Witness will offer songs that are both epic and emotional while being complex yet accessible but incorporating both classic and modern progressive rock styles. Phoen1x is inspired by such greats as Genesis, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, Kansas, Marillion, Glass Hammer, Pink Floyd, The Who, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The result of infusing a classic and modern sound is a fresh and unique take on prog. 

The artist Phoen1x has had a long-distance friendship with Nick Katona of Melodic Revolution Records for several years. Both Katona and his wife have given Phoen1x timely advice that helped the band to focus and advance musically. Phoen1x is both grateful and excited about being part of a great family of talented musicians. We look forward to our new endeavor with Melodic Revolution Records.  

Phoen1x Is…
Jake Livgren – Vocals
Seth Trotman  – Bass
Michael Adams  – Drums
Phoen1x (Peter J) – Guitars, Keyboards, background vocals.

Phoen1x Online
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