New Beginnings is the highly-acclaimed debut by California based prog band AmuZeum, the album was released on April 17, 2020

AmuZeum came to be in the year of 2018. Based in Los Angeles California, all five members had crossed paths many times through the years playing in different bands like Mars Hollow, Ten Jinn, Gabble Ratchet, and Heliopolis. All of which had various degrees of success. 

While the foundation of the music is based on progressive rock, each member brings a unique style, a vast array of influences and skillful songwriting chops. 

Masterful sonic landscapes, interwoven melodies, soaring harmonies, dynamic rhythms, and insightful moving lyrics all combine to create a tapestry to engage the listener and compel them to embark on a journey ……..destination unknown !!



1. The Challenge 11:22
2. Changing Seasons 09:00
3. Birthright 04:15
4. Naysayer 06:34
5.Shadow Self 06:54
6. Carousel 12:11

AmuZeum is: 

Michael Matier – Guitars 
Matt Brown – Keyboards & Vocals 
Mark Wickliffe – Bass & Vocals 
Jerry Beller – Drums & Vocals 
Scott Jones – Voice 

Produced by AmuZeum and mixed by Billy Sherwood. 
Mastered by Mike Bozzi at Bernie Grundman Mastering

About the song “Shadow Self ….. The Shadow Self is something to be aware of but not necessarily fear. While it is part of us all and can’t be avoided, it can somewhat be controlled just by acknowledging its existence”
Scott Jones – AmuZeum.

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