Left to Right Todd Russell – Mike Visaggio – Michael Murray – Mike Visaggio

“Travelog,” was the band’s first album of new material since the release of the acclaimed album “Powered by Light” (2009) “Travelog,” features 74 minutes of new music within 5 tracks.

Travelog is an opulent collection of ear-candy which will certainly ignite your senses. Everything from the beautiful acoustic guitar passages, to the majestic keyboards, baselines worthy of any late-night jazz club and vocals filled with social commentary. One moment your marching into war and the next seated in a cathedral, all swept along by beautiful percussive elements. Travelog is cohesive and beautifully set before you as though you were at the finest feast fit for king and court. 


1) War Song
2) Travelog
3) Into The Lair
4) Her
5) Vision 

Kinetic Element is…

Mike Visaggio: Keyboards & Vocals 
Michael Murray: Drums & Vocals 
Todd Russell:  Guitars 
Mark Tupko: Bass 

Recorded at “The Garage” Richmond, VA 
Recording Engineer, Michael Murray 
Mixed and Mastered at Sound Resources, Chattanooga TN 
Mixing and Mastering Engineers, Fred Schendel and Steve Babb 
Layout and Graphics, Man In The Mountain 

Guest Appearances by…
Dimetrius LaFavors (Odin’s Court) Vocals on War Song, Travelog and Vision 
Michelle Schrotz (Brave) Vocals on Into The Lair 
Mike Florio (Solo Artist) Vocals on Her 

About Kinetic Element

Kinetic Element is a neo-symphonic progressive rock band from Richmond, Virginia that is influenced by the musical roots of classic artists such as Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes, Asia and Genesis and blends those influences with philosophical and spiritually powerful and uplifting lyrics. Kinetic Element was formed as a platform to perform the music of keyboardist Mike Visaggio’s solo album, “Starship Universe” which was released in 2006 after Mike was selected to perform at the 2006 Pop Montreal festival. Their second album “Powered By Light,” was nominated for Best Debut album of 2009 by “The Prog Awards,” which was at that time an Italian reviews website. 

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