New York rock band “When Friends Come Out To  Play” just completed work on their latest digital track: “Long Way To Fall” the single will be released worldwide through all popular digital retail on June 19th, 2019

The song was written by long time meber Jack Moore who has constructed the lyrics and music in a way that you’ll want to sing along with and dance to. The band released “I’m Not Gonna Take Your Blues Anymore” in 2016 and their self titled debut “When Friends Come Out To Play” in 2011

When Friends Come Out To Play
Jack Moore // Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals
Don Mancuso // Guitar
Mike Chambers // Bass
Steve Rosenberg // Drums

The Single was Recorded, mixed and Produced by Jack Moore at Jack Moore’s Studio
Don Mancuso’s Guitar recorded at Rock Productions at the Porta Plant
Art direction and layout: Nick Katona at Revolution Studios Orlando, Fl.

About the band.
“When Friends Come Out To Play” was founded by New York drummer and Children’s Book Author Steve Rosenberg who grew up in The Bronx & Queens, while he lived on Long Island he played in several bands with Lee Rocker, a founding member of rockabilly band “The Stray Cats”.  After many years of playing on other artists albums, Steve realized he had some songs in his soul that he needed to get out With the help of his friends. the band would become known as “When Friends Come Out To Play”

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