From its humble beginnings in October 2004 as a CD/DVD store, and being located in Clinton, NY with a wealth of local talent and national talent passing by it was only natural that a live music venue “Live At The Revolution” was born. Never one to rest on our laurels; we took a deep breath and it was our next giant leap that has made Melodic Revolution Records what it is today. It was 10 years ago today we became… a LABEL.

The label formed organically with only a couple of artists; we felt strongly about their music and their message and we thought we could help them find a wider audience. As the years would pass Melodic Revolution Records realized our mission was pretty simple… with tag lines like Music is Our Voice and Without Music There Is Only Silence the label grew out of our vision to see music as an integral part of life, just as breath is part of living.

Today Melodic Revolution Records has forty-one active Artists/Bands on the label and we are growing. What an incredible journey it has been. Our vision harkens from an era when collaboration and cooperation between artists on a label was encouraged and to some degree expected. Today with communication tools at the ready and the constant barrage of media we hope that we can offer a home to our artists which is more family oriented. A place where they can be heard and appreciated for their hard work and dedication to a craft which they know won’t make them financially rich but rich of heart and soul. It was and never will be about the money at Melodic Revolution because music is universal and touches hearts, minds and souls and for us that is wealth that cannot be quantified.

To the fans we want to give you access to your favorite bands and provide you the opportunity to find new favorites. We consider all music progressive that has a new and cutting edge and doesn’t follow the formulaic patterns of the mainstream. Our Website is meant to be interactive and you will find something new there almost daily. We want to thank you for sticking with us, and being part of this journey. If not for you we could not exist, and with that said we are giving you a gift of thanks from us and all of our amazing artists/bands.

For the next seven (7) days you will be able to download our music compilation “A Music Revolution the First Decade 2006/2016” you will be able to hear 80 tracks, a total of  seven (7) plus hours of music all for FREE. After seven days if you purchase an album by a Melodic Revolution Records Recording Artist/Band you will receive a download code for this CD Compilation. Sit back, put on the headphones and take a journey that for us has been exciting, rewarding and filled with joy!

So with that said we enter into our next decade; what will it hold?  We don’t know but we know that life is a journey and not a destination. Our vision remains the same, the music business continues to evolve as do we, the one thing that will stay the same – MRR will continue to scour the world for the best talent and the most relevant music and bring that to you.

We hope that you have enjoyed our first ten years and thank you so much for supporting our musicians and our vision.
Peace, Love and Revolution from the Melodic Revolution Family

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