Who Is Nick Katona? 

Nick Katona hails from the west coast; sunny California, with his first love being music. Growing up in the 60’s was a great experience with the many styles of music on the radio where he immersed himself in this rich kaleidoscope of diversity, including artists such as the: Andrew Sisters, The Beatles, The Doors, It’s a Beautiful Day, Alice Cooper, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson Bob Dylan and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Nick knew even then that he wanted to be part of this fascinating industry.

As a child, “he would listen to radio DJ’s; Wolfman Jack and KC Kasem every chance possible. I recall even pretending I was one of these legendary DJs making my own archival tapes.” Nick said with a grin, it was obvious that music was in my blood from my earliest memories. 

Still in his teens his family relocated to Central Florida, where he has spent most of his adult life. First cutting his teeth in the music field by working as a clerk for an independent Florida music chain, “Record Mart” where he would quickly rise through the ranks into management. Later working for National chains: Warehouse Records, Camelot Music, and Musicland as well as his first short-lived brick and mortar music store “Fish Talk Records.” Nick took a break from the industry in the late 1980’s, disillusioned by the new trend of stale and trendy music.

Fast-forward to 2004 while living in Upstate, NY Nick was ready to return to his first great love, the music industry and make a difference on his own terms with a whole new outlook on music. It was then with the help of his wife Jennifer they established “Melodic Revolution Records”, the journey began as a free-standing brick, and mortar music store selling CDs, Vinyl, Concert DVDS  and assorted music memorabilia. The store was located at the edge of a quaint New England-style town in Clinton, New York.  By 2005 the store was also hosting an art gallery and initially a live acoustic music venue. Soon it would become a nightly even hosting young independent bands from around the country and even Europe.

2006 also saw the discovery of Echoes Landing on an old social network, Nick fell in love with their self-released debut album, this album is what set it all in motion. Quickly he decided to get and got the ball rolling on advice from friends and musicians; to morph the record store to a promotion force and independent record label. Echoes Landing would later evolve and become Scarlet Hollow, the band has thus far released two full-length albums and a 4-track EP and are still a vital part of the Melodic Revolution Records family.

Melodic Revolution Records was born out of the need to give a voice to those that needed to be heard, and to promote independent music as well as showcasing many live shows by local, national, and international talent. Soon after the success of the live shows. Nick created the “Clinton Art & Music Festival” with the inaugural year being a tremendous success. Nick was the lead organizer and Music Director from 2006 – 2011 The festival still lives on today. 2006/07 also saw a new summer tradition, the summer Breeze concert series.

In 2007 Nick and his wife Jennifer relocated back to Florida, where he would continue building the Melodic Revolution brand and the newly created label. 2008 saw the one and only Power of Prog Music Festival in Clinton, New York.

2009 Power of Prog, a Progressive Art-rock social community is launched the site would eventually morph into one of the world’s finest Progressive Art-rock Music News Blogs.

2011 Nick was asked to host his own radio show on a popular internet radio station (AiiRadio); excited but, apprehensive at first, he initially turned down the offer; a few times. However, after much thought he realized he had been given the opportunity of a lifetime; This was his chance to have a broaden his voice and further promote not only promote his artists but other artists by giving them a chance to be heard around the world.

2014 Nick leaves AiiRadio to host 3 shows a week as Radio Presenter on House of Prog, in 2019 he took some time off but plans on his return soon.

2020 Sees the launch of ReZonatZ an all-genre Music News Blog

2018 PeacockSunrise emerges as a sub-label to Melodic Revolution Records. The goal remains the same. We are a family of music fanatics and musicians that work together “bringing the listener music that is inspirational and thoughtful while cultivating memories – music that will stand the test of time”. It’s through this family atmosphere that new collaborations have evolved to create rich and dynamic new music.

2021 Nick became a Director and Vice President of RoSFest the longest running US Progressive Art Rock Music Festival.

2022 Melodic Revolution Records celebrates over 15 years as an independent label with over 100 releases to date. 

Melodic Revolution Records 
“music you didn’t know you, would love!”

2009 See’s the launch of Power of Prog a Social Network & Online Progressive Rock Music Publication
2019 PeacockSunrise Records emerges as a sub-label of Melodic Revolution Records. 
2020 ReZonatZ is the 2nd Online Music Publication of Melodic Revolution Records, this one is Genre Free
2021 Melodic Revolution Radio hits the Airwaves
2021 Nick Katona becomes Director & Vice President for RoSFest
2022 Melodic Revolution Records celebrates over 15 years as an independent label with over 100 releases to date.