About Us

Clinton, New York 2006

Melodic Revolution Records has transformed from a traditional brick-and-mortar record store into a promising independent record label, dedicated to amplifying the voices that deserve recognition. Our journey began when we stumbled upon Echoes Landing’s self-titled debut on an outdated social network and were immediately captivated. This album ignited our transformation from a record store into a promotional record label. As Echoes Landing evolved into Scarlet Hollow, they have since delivered two full-length albums and a 4-track EP.

Fast-forward 15 years and over 100 releases later, our mission remains unchanged. We are a tight-knit community of music enthusiasts and artists, committed to delivering music that is not only inspiring and thought-provoking but also capable of creating enduring memories. This ethos has fostered a collaborative environment where new musical partnerships flourish, resulting in vibrant and diverse compositions.

“music you didn’t know you, would love!”

2009 MRR launches Power of Prog (Social Network & Online Prog Music Publication)
2019 MRR forms sub-label PeacockSunrise Records
2020 MRR launches ReZonatZ (Online Genre Free Music Publication)
2021 MRR relaunches Melodic Revolution Radio
2021 Nick Katona becomes Vice President and Director at RoSFest

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