Overture to support Le Orme live in Thiesi

Piazza Madonna di Seunis Thiesi, Italy

Overture will open for Le Orme The historic band representing the Italian Progressive in the world, with 27 albums behind them, the last of which was released this spring of 2019. Sulle ali di un sogno. Hosted by The Beltain Association in collaboration with the Kaotica Association. Short Overture Bio Overture born from the ashes […]

Overture Live @ 2Days Prog + 1 Festival

Forum Auditorium Via Roma 8, Veruno (NO), Piazza Roma, Italy

Overture will perform Live at Forum Auditorium at the 2Days Prog + 1 Festival  About  The 2DAYS PROG +1 is now considered the most important international festival in Italy and one of the most important worldwide for progressive rock music, now in its 11th edition, which will be divided into the three canonical nights: four […]