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Short Bio

Flor de Loto is a Progressive Folk Metal with a long history that began in 1998 when Alonso Herrera (Lead Guitar & Vocals) and Alejandro Jarrin (Bass Guitar) meet at the university and because of their similar tastes for music they started a friendship and decide to form the band.

For 6 years they had several presentations at the local level where they had perfected their stage presence and their musical style. Little by little, over the years the lineup would change as the band was in search of their own style that combined fusion, rock, metal with progressive and Latin American folklore. In 2005 they released their debut álbum “Flor de Loto,” since their debut album the band has played some of the biggest festivals around the world including there latest visit to America where they graced the stage of the Majestic Theater in Gettysburg, PA for RoSfest (Rites of Spring Festival) which were celebrating their 15th year anniversary. The band have also received many accolades over the years, in 2018 the band will be releasing Eclipse their ninth album produced by legendary producer Roy Z Bruce Dickinson, Halford, and Judas Priest and Tribe of Gypsies

Band Members

Alonso Herrera: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Founding member of Flor de Loto in 1998. Musician and Psychologist of 38 years. He is one of the main musical composers and the only one who composes lyrics for the band from the beginning, turning all his professional experience as a psychologist, ending his training as a psychoanalyst, to inspire himself in both fields. Alonso has participated in some projects as a guest musician, recently recording voices for the new Brazilian progressive metal band Maestrik, but his musical activity focuses on lotus flower for almost 20 years.

Alejandro Jarrín: Bass Guitar
Co-founding member of Flor de Loto with Alonso Herrera in 1998. Musician and Medical Doctor of 37 years old.

For two years he has given master classes of bass for Master Music academy, participating current as a guest in some low clinics. He has recorded two albums as a guest musician of Kike Yonpian, renowned Peruvian guitarist.

He is an author of some instrumental subjects throughout the lotus

Gabriel Iwasaki: Keyboards
A professional composer since the age of 19, Gabriel Iwasaki is a classical formed pianist from the career of Musical Composition at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. In 2016 he became keyboard player and arranger for Flor de Loto, being “Arbol de la Vida” the first album he has been featured in as a band member.

With 24 years of age he has also composed music for several theater plays, “Efebos” (2015), “Laberintos” (2015), “Cómo quieres que te quiera” (2015), “Estas Igual” (2016-2017), Ballet: “La delicadeza de lo sublime: ballet for contemporary dance” (2016) and Smartphone APPs, such as exclusive music composer for 7CatsArtStudio’s “Genesis ” digital comic book universe, including all of their videos and the music for their upcoming Comic Book App and music for Choquequirao Archaeological site’s promotional video (to be released soon by the Ministry of tourism and foreign commerce.:

Alvaro Escobar: Drums
He played with different local peruvian bands, such as “Afonía” (Progressive Rock 1999-2004, where he was bassist and a few years later drummer, and with whom he recorded a disc for the Nescafé on the Rock contest in 2000, after winning it), “ERA” (Rock 2005-2010, with whom he recorded “Ufocalipsis” in 2007 and participated in the videos: “En Mí” 2006, “Estelar” 2007 and “Mi Luna Estalla” 2008 all available on Youtube), “Camaro” ((post Grunge), recording with the latter the album “Liquid Energy” in 2012 and the videos “Diferente” and “Amanecer” the first one already available on Youtube) and “Space Bee” (Rock Anglo 2001-2003, with whom he recorded the EP “Space Bee” in 2002).

In 2007, it was sponsored by MAPEX, moving to the list of Artists of the brand. Currently, he is also part of the Peruvian band “Superconductor”. He entered Flor de Loto in 2013, and since then has recorded the batteries of “New Messiah”, “Medusa: live in Buenos Aires” “Tree of Life” and recently Eclipse

Sergio Checho Cuadros: Wind Instruments
Sergio Checho Cuadros, musician, composer and musical producer, considered among the 10 best performers of QUENA in the world. He was born on November 5, 1979, in Lima – Peru, he began his musical training since he was 11 years old, playing, recording and producing music (especially in the winds), for many artists and national and international groups.

Currently working as a solo artist with his project INKA LATIN JAZZ. He has accompanied different artists (touring throughout Peru and abroad) with Los Hermanos Diosdado and Rodolfo Gaitán Castro, Fabiola de la Cuba, and Max Castro. He also participated with the fusion group of the renowned JAZZ JAUS music school. He participates with the symphony of the University of Lima accompanying the tenor JUAN DIEGO FLORES. Played with MAURICIO VIZENCIO (Director of the Altiplano group of Chile). He was invited to play with the famous American.


They have been part of diferent festivals like RoSfest 2018, Crescendo (France 2008 and 2016), Baja Prog (México 2007), Festivalternativo (México 2015), Río Art Rock Festival (Brazil 2006 y 2009), Virtual Fest with Lörien band (Argentina 2012, 2013 and 2014), Crescendo Guyana (Guyana Francesa 2016) and Andes Prog (Chile 2013 and 2015).

They have shared the stage with bands such as Paul D’Anno, Within Temptation, Orphaned Landa, Focus, Sonata Arctica,Tony Levin Band and Hawkwind. Recently they have shared stage with the famouse singer Fabio Lione (Rhapsody, Angra) who has also recorded a song on their latest album.


Luces awards of the Peruvian newspaper “El Comercio” with “Tree of life” best metal album of 2016
Generarock awards for metal group of the year 2014
Luces awards of the Peruvian newspaper “El Comercio” as a group of the year 2011

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MRR Releases

Eclipse (2018) LP, CD & Digital

Latest Release


Eclipse (2018) LP, CD & Digital
Tempestad (2018) CD & Digital
Árbol de la Vida (2016) CD & Digital
Medusa. Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2015) CD & Digital
Nuevo Mesías (2014) CD & Digital
Volver a Nacer (2012) CD & Digital
Imperio de Cristal (2011) CD & Digital
Mundos Bizarros (2009) CD & Digital
Madre Tierra (2007) CD & Digital
Flor de Loto (2005) CD & Digital


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