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Clinton New York 2006

Melodic Revolution Records evolved from a brick-and-mortar record store to an up-and-coming independent record label that would give a voice to those that needed to be heard. We discovered Echoes Landing on an old social network and fell in love with their self-titled debut, this album is one that set it all in motion and got the ball rolling; to morph from record store to a promotion record label. Echoes Landing would evolve and become Scarlet Hollow who have so far released two full-length albums and a 4-track EP.

Fast forward 15 years, and over 100 releases later, our goal is still the same. We are a family of music fanatics and musicians that work together “bringing the listener music that is inspirational and thoughtful while cultivating memories – music that will stand the test of time”. It’s through this family atmosphere that new collaborations have evolved to create rich and dynamic new music.

“The music you didn’t know you, would love!”

2009 MRR launches Power of Prog (Social Network & Online Prog Music Publication)
2019 MRR forms sub-label PeacockSunrise Records
2020 MRR launches ReZonatZ (Online Genre Free Music Publication)
2021 MRR relaunches Melodic Revolution Radio
2021 Nick Katona becomes Vice President and Director at RoSFest

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