A Gardening Club Project – The Time Trilogy (Limited Edition)

CD: $12 Digital: $11

1. Forever Leaving Home – 6:03
2. Sister of Theft – 2:48
3. Woman In the Waves – 5:54
4. Finding Home – 1:46
5. Rare Birds – 3:49
6. A Dance to the Music of Time – 2:47


Tracks 1/3/4/5 based on Martin Springett’s demos recorded at Studio Spong Toronto
Track 2 and track 6 were recorded at Kevin Laliberte’s studio in Toronto
Bass parts were recorded at Drew Birston’s studio in Toronto
Sari Alesh recorded his violin at his studio in Victoria BC
Mixing, sound design, string arrangements, drum programming, and production by Kevin Laliberte

Produced by Kevin Laliberte
All songs by Martin Springett Except Where Noted
Except for A Dance To The Music Of Time by Kevin Laliberte
Arrangements by Drew Birston, Kevin Laliberte, and Martin Springett
Artwork by Martin Springett