Active Heed – Visions From Realities

CD: $ 14

1. Flying Like a Fly 02:53
2. Awake?! 01:52
3. Now What? 01:34
4. Me, Five Seconds Before 02:41
5. With Joy 02:26
6. Melting of Realities 03:21
7. Forest and Joy 03:32
8. The Weakness of Our Spinning 02:42
9. Without Joy 01:43
10. Every Ten Seconds Before 05:49
11. F F F Flashing Fast Forward 03:28
12. If I Will Never Be 04:33
13. Me, One Second Before Johan Robeck 04:06
14. Usual Plays in Heaven / Be Kind and Talk to Me 04:47
15. Our Vast Emptiness 04:40


Active Heed is the name of a new studio project created by Italian musician and composer Umberto Pagnini.

To realize his music he contacted some of the best Italian session men: Lorenzo “Il Magnifico” Poli collaborator, among the others, of Franco Battiato, Giovanni Giorgi. On vocals: Per Fredrik Pellek Åsly (The Anabasis, Damnation Angels…), Mark Colton (Credo) and Marit Borresen.

The first album called “Visions from Realities” has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Elfo Studio (Alberto “Einstein” Callegari) Piacenza, Italy