Andrew Roussak – Storm Warning

CD: $ 14 Digital: $ 14

1. Enter Code 04:08
2. Bringing Peace And Progress 08:02
3. Left Alone Outside 07:30
4. Regata Storica 06:02
5. Chasing Shadows 04:37
6. Storm Warning 05:41
7. Can She Excuse My Wrongs 05:22
8. Malta Sketches 10:15


What there saying about Storm Warning?

If you love keyboard-driven prog like ELP, Rick Wakeman solo, Trace, UK, Triumvirat, Erik Norlander, Par Lindh Project, Little Tragedies, or Gerard, this third solo effort from Andrew Koussak is an exciting musical experience!
**** Erik Neuteboom | BackGround Magazine

A delight from start to finish. One of the best prog albums I’ve heard for a long time.
– Art Rock – Talk Classical | 5/5 | 2019-4-30

This is how classic rock mixes with modern times, rock music with the old, and wonderful instrumental parts are enriched by equally beautiful vocal lines. Andrew does not imitate, he does not copy. He simply fits in perfectly with the style set by the Master demonstrating his undoubted talent and enormous executive possibilities.
– Artur Chachlowski – MLWZ Poland

I gave this album a try after it appeared in the PA top albums of 2019 without knowing anything about Andrew Roussak or his music. For the second time this year (the first was Climbing The Air by On The Raw) I found myself listening to an album that was immediately enjoyable with a structure and complexity that requires multiple listens (I am currently on my 9th repeat listen and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience). Andrew Roussak is a fine composer, pianist, and multi-instrumentalist. The music is symphonic with a fusing of classical piano and rock keyboards with an occasional jazz edge. I was reminded of other fine contemporary keyboard composers such as Andy Tillison and some of Lalle Larsson’s work as I listened. There are also some fine guitar solos. Four of the eight tracks are instrumental. There is a lovely female-led ballad. Another track concludes with a soaring female vocal. There are two tracks with male vocals both used sparingly and the second is a male choral conclusion to a track with a baroque edge to it. I shall be checking out Andrew Roussak’s earlier work on the strength of this release. A Wonderful album and deserving of five stars.
CeeJayGee | 5/5 | 2019-5-12