Arnoldo’s Lizards – American Dream

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● Alvare Goco: vocals and backing vocals.
● Jack Dimensions: backing vocals,keyboards, synthesizers and programming.
●Willjoy: vocals.
● Elías Ciambotti: electric guitars.
● Ezequiel Volpe: bass.
● Gustavo Ciambotti: drums
Recorded at Ombligo con Pelusa Records, La Nona Studio, (Mar del Plata, Argentina) and Ringo Records, La Plata, Argentina.
Mixed by Andres Guazzelli at REDRUM, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Mastered by Andres Guazzelli at REDRUM, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Photo: Gabriel Esposito, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Artwork by Arnoldo´s Lizards, Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Produced by Jack Dimensions


American Dream is not a dream, it’s an unplaced nightmare.

It is a song that arose from anger, from the emotional swindle. Those, like us who were born under this little gift, which some call art, usually suffer a little more from this nightmare.

Because we do not understand how to provoke it, but we know that someone may want to bump us into it.

American Dream speaks to the resentful without talent, to those who seek success in the trend and stab themselves.

Those who live claiming the dreams of others with hallucinatory frauds and childishly vengeful. To the wolves disguised as sheep, or rather, as lambs. Because of this unfortunately called people, don’t know how to do anything other than dust, and other times also a lot of smoke.

And an artist, people say on the street, is the one who creates. the one who reinvents himself day by day, and not the one who destroys. This is dedicated to all the artists who had to deal with some “mirror hitman”. The best revenge is to never stop creating.

And here we are, resurfacing with a song that gave us back the desire to do and share. because thanks to this piece of art, today we are braver, more thoughtful, more sensitive, and a little more empathetic with those that haven’t realized yet, which side of the path they are on.
Welcome to this new stage of Arnoldo’s lizards, the best way to revive after so much pain is by inviting you to shout with us.

‘’This is your American dream, but not mine’’