Babal – The Glacier (EP)

CD: $7  Digital: $7

1. The Involuntary Reflex Of The Terminal Bastard 06:43
2. The Glacier 09:13
3. Toffee Time 07:56


Opening track “The Involuntary Reflex of the terminal Bastard” gives Karen Langley the chance to throw all the toys out of the pram with no hint of self-pity; a slow build of soulful rhythms, hooks, and grooves underlines a morality tale of the modern narcissist – landlord, politician, parent, partner, sibling; the Bastard is a one-stop character who always has the upper hand – until you decide to stop catching the ball.

The title track and second play are the monstrous and gorgeous “The Glacier”. From the opening mournful bars of Sarana Verlins’s lovely violin, the mood is deep and heartbreaking – a track to get lost in as the metaphorical Glacier reflects the trials and tribulations of life; the unexamined life worth living.

A fabulous, climactic ending featuring Rob Williams’ guitars, Jon Sharps’ drums, Ben Balsom’s bass, and the haunting keys of Zoie Green, take this track to the iciest peaks of beauty and sadness, yet somehow drenches us in the promise of new beginnings.

The final track “Toffeetime”(a live favorite with BABALfans) is a live studio jam (with added backing vocals by Karen) that brings the full power of BABEL’Smusical forces together and creates a brilliant dystopian tale of materialism. Shredded, squeezed, and packaged into a painful realization of the rotten drip-drip effect of modern first-world happiness and fake culture.

Play this track LOUD and sink into the sweet filth of the abandoned toffee factory. You will then understand fully, and need new teeth of the Universe…..

“The Glacier” will be available as a Digital album as well as a hand-numbered CD of Limited to 50 Copies. Each EP will be numbered and comes with an A5 poster of Paul Kopals’ EP artwork, plus an individual, hand-made art note from BABAL in the best tradition of Dada…..