Days Before Tomorrow – Now and Then Part II: Stories and Dreams

CD: $12 Digital: $6

1. Tomorrow 10:01
2. Has Time Moved On? 05:53
3. Your Song 06:45
4. Killing Myself 06:19
5. Another Goodbye Song 05:06


About the long-awaited record, Now and Then Part II: Stories and Dreams, the record was recorded years ago but went unreleased as band members went on to pursue other musical projects. Regrouped and reinvigorated, this explosive set of previously unreleased material will stun both long-time Days Before Tomorrow fans and introduce an entirely new audience to another epic rock band worthy of their attention.

CD housed in a 6-panel eco-friendly full-color digipak, highly recommended for fans of Styx, Presto Ballet, Rush, Brother Ape Godsticks, Enchant, Toto, Leap Day, and Kansas