Druckfarben – Artifact

DVD: $ 18


1. Intro: Pennyfarthing
2. Sons of Anakim
3. Influenza
4. Walk Away
5. Nat Nayah
6. Seems so Real
7. Nonchalant
8. Smaller Wooden Frog
9. Elpo
10. Dead Play Awake
11. Siberian Khatru
12. Oopart: A Druckumentary


Phil Naro – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Ed Bernard – Guitar, Mandolin, Violin & Vocals
Will Hare – Keyboards & Vocals
Peter Murray – Bass, Octave Mandolin & Vocals
Troy Feener – Drums & Percussion

Produced by Ed Bernard and Eonblue Productions. Mixed by Ed Bernard. Concert recording engineer: Patric McGroarty. Front-of-house sound: Mark Prinsloo. Stage monitoring: George Casey. Art Direction: Ed Bernard band, Will and Troy photos: Tom Forsythe. DVD cover design: Tom Forsythe. DVD authoring: Eonblue Productions