Ellsworth Hall – Conversations With George Edgar Selby (Remastered)

Digital: $14

1. Piano Concerto No. 1: I. Lento e allegro (Remaster) 06:49
2. Piano Concerto No. 1: II. Andante e presto (Remaster) 06:29
3. Piano Concerto No. 1: III. Allegro moderato (Remaster) 04:02
4. Piano Concerto No. 1: IV. Andante (Remaster) 07:33
5. Beside The Manor Selby Overture (Remaster) 02:47
6. Newsreel (Remaster) 01:18
7. After Ferdinand (Remaster) 00:54
8. Round About The Garden (Remaster) 01:06
9. The Archduke Earsworth (Remaster) 05:09
10. The Tower (Remaster) 01:40
11. Gather the Heirlooms (Remaster) 03:34
12. Le Masque a Enleve (Remaster) 02:26
13. Verdun (Remaster) 05:32
14. Undone In Verdun (Remaster) 02:16
15. Here Lies A Wretched Corpse (Remaster) 05:06
16. In Grief Unbound (Remaster) 03:53
17. Checkers’ Rhapsody (Remaster) Bonus Track 11:42


The Remaster of Ellsworth Hall’s orchestral solo album Conversations With George Edgar Selby provides added warmth to the mixes but still allows the power and crispness to shine through. It includes Ellsworth’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in four movements, the soundtrack music to the video production of Beside The Manor Selby (which he also wrote and directed), and a bonus track “Checkers’ Rhapsody” which was composed in his late teens and clocks in over 11 minutes. The song from the album “In Grief Unbound” was awarded Semi-Finalist placement in the VH1 2014 Song of the Year Contest.