Kinetic Element – Live From New York

CD: $ 10 Digital: $10

1. War Song – Live 19:21
2. Into The Lair – Live 09:00
3. Chasing The Lesser Light – Live 20:45
4. Epistle – Live 06:36
5. The Face of Life – Live 19:26

Mike Visaggio: Keyboards
Mark Tupko: Bass
Michael Murray: Drums
St. John Coleman: Vocals
Peter Matuchniak: Guitar


Recorded Live in October 2019 at “My Fathers Place” Rosyln NY

Peter Hedeman – Video and Production Manager
John Fig – House Audio, Don Gabis Monitor, and Mixer.
Marc Greene – Stage Manager

All songs composed by Mike Visaggio
Engineered by Michael Murray & Peter Matuchniak
Mixed & Mastered by Peter Matuchniak
Album art bu by Peter Matuchniak
Photos by Gary Hobish, Emily Sears, Shelby Anderson, Gerry Nevarete, Mark Schoen, Pierre Menard, and Olimpia Tupko