Massimo Pieretti – A New Beginning

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May appeal to fans of Laura Piazzai RanestRane, Silhouette, Drifting Sun, and Imaginaerium.

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1. Intro 02:45
2. Oh Father 03:24
3. In November 03:48
4. Growing Old 04:27
5. Is It That Girl Right? 02:46
6. Out of This World 02:46
7. Interlude 01:09
8. Things To Live and To Die For 03:46
9. Family and Business 03:10
10. A New Beginning Part A – Looking for the Best 01:57
11. A New Beginning Part B – The Only Way You Can Be 02:24
12. I Hope You Will Always Be Here With Me 04:01
13. Intro Reprise 01:40
14. In November (Acoustic) 03:14
15. Things To Live and To Die For (Acoustic) 03:19


To purchase the CD and LP in Europe

Musically speaking, the album is quite complex from a harmonic point of view and is based on my idea of circularity, that is, arrangements created ad hoc in order to merge genres, my important academic studies, and infinite previous plays.

The texts, especially the autobiographical ones, are decidedly crude and speak of me and my relationship with my family, but in a key that most of the time I use as a pretext to describe relationships, situations, and problems common to all.

Massimo Pieretti – Music, lyrics, keyboards, programming, backing vocals, production;
Gianluca Del Torto – El.bass, rhythm guitars, lyrics;
Ciro Afeltra, Lorenzo Cortoni, Elena D’Angelo, Daniela Del Ponte, Marco Descontus, Nikeef, Germana Noage, Kate Nord, Daniela Papale, Francesca Pelliccia,Maria Chiara Rocchegiani, Raymond Francis Weston Jr – Vocals;
Roberto Falcinelli – Lead and rhythm guitars, soundscapes;
Ivan Avicolli, Gianni De Chellis, Luigi Pistillo, Mauro Rosati – Lead and rhythm guitars;
Elena Laurenti – Violin, Stefano Azzolina – Viola, Gianni Pieri – Cello; Marco Orfei – Woodwinds & Soprano sax;
Riccardo Sandri – Mellotron;
Fabrizio Russo, Emanuele Zazzara – Freetless bass;
Leonardo D’Angelo, Alessio Palizzi, Matteo Santi – Drums & Percussions;

Francesco Mattei – Sound engineer;
Mixed and mastered by Francesco Mattei and Massimo Pieretti at Underworld studio

Produced by Massimo Pieretti
Maria Serra – Cover and Illustrations…