Time’s Forgotten – Shelter

CD: $ 14 $ DIGITAL: 10


Released March 16, 2022

1.New Dawn (Prologue) 01:39
2.City 06:23
3.Cycle #248 05:14
4.Defiant 05:39
5.Accident of Evolution 04:10
6.Waking Up (Interlude) 01:19
7.Ascension 07:42
8.Outsider 06:05
9.Moments of Clarity 05:42
10.The Road Home 05:55
11.Sleepless (Ending Credits) 01:47


Drums and Vocals recorded at Lúcuma Estudios, by Juan Pablo Calvo
Bass and guitars were recorded at various studios.

Produced by Ari Lotringer and Juan Pablo Calvo
Mixed and mastered by Juan Pablo Calvo

Cover art and photos by Sebastián Blanco, Fernando Fonseca and Ari Lotringer
Artwork by Juan Pablo Calvo