O.A.K. – Nine Witches Under A Walnut Tree

LP: $ 34

Side A
1 Chlodswinda 6:12
2 Gioconna 3:49
3 Dame Harvillers 5:10
4 Janet Boyman 3:32
5 Franchetta Borelli. 6:25

Side B
1 Polissena 4:41
2 Donna Prudentia 5:27
3 Nadira 5:30
4 Rebecca Lemp 6:02


The legend tells that flying through the gorges of the Monti del Taburno, near the city of Benevento, the witches reached a walnut tree where they celebrated rituals. On 14th November 1572, whilst the earth shone with the light of the Tycho supernova, nine stories merged into one sublimating a bond of deep empathy tightened under the branches of that bewitched tree.

O.A.K. (Oscillation Alkemy Kreativity)