Persephone’s Dream – Anomalous Propagation

CD: $ 12 LP: $ 26 DIGITAL: $ 10


1.Red Light Syndrome 08:10
2.Surveillance 05:50
3.Despoina’s Dagger 10:45
4.Queen of Fools 06:23
5.Rhizomatic Horizon 06:16
6.Deep Web 09:13
7.Translucent 08:06
8.Defenestrated 08:16
9.Love 04:17
10.Candlelight 05:09
11.Principle Amor 02:10
12.Surveillance NSA Mix (Bonus Track) (free) 05:50


The eco-friendly CD package used in this release is called a Digipack Lite™ made from recyclable and post-consumer recycled materials.

The inks used in printing are vegetable based making them more biodegradable than traditional petroleum-based inks. The CD tray is made from recycled water bottles,
Even re-sealable crystal clear eco bags are used instead of cello wrapping and shrink wrapping, these are much more biodegradable than their counterparts.

This is not the first time our label has used this type of packaging…
It has also been used for releases by Allison vonBuelow, Aethellis, AmuZeum, Bomber Goggles, Colouratura, Darusso, Lisa LaRue, Murky Red, Potter’s Daughter, Scarlet Hollow, Sonic Divide, Ten Jinn and Transport Aerian have all released special eco-friendly CD packages, + the label has released 5 eco-friendly promotional CDs.

Rowen Poole: guitars, synths
Chris Siegle: bass, synths
Heidi Engel: vocals
Jim Puskar: drums, percussion
Jason English: guitars, vocals
Laura Martin: pianos, keyboards, synths, vocals