Potter’s Daughter – Weighted Keys

CD: $ 5 Digital: $ 5

Night of the Swallow (Kate Bush)
Dyanne Potter Voegtlin – Piano, Keyboards, & Vocals
Jan Christian – Bass, & Percussion

Catherine (Tom Kelly)
DyannePotterVoegtlin Piano

3. That Song About the Midway (Joni Mitchell)
Dyanne Potter Voegtlin – Piano, Keyboards, & Vocals
Jan Christiana – Bass, Guitar & Percussion


Potters’ Daughter new 3-track Art-rock, pop EP “Weighted Keys” a compilation of three songs that were dear to Dyanne during three different phases of her life:

1. “Night of the Swallow” – a semi-acoustic version of Kate Bush’s dramatic song from her album, “The Dreaming” (from Dyanne’s time in NYC, when she first discovered Kate Bush)

2. “Catherine” – a solo piano rendition of Tom Kelly’s elegant song from his album, “Spinning Through Eternity” (from the present time, in honor of Nickie Harte Kelly and the entire prog community who so warmly welcomed Potter’s Daughter and Octarine Sky)

3. “That Song About the Midway” – a semi-acoustic version of Joni Mitchell’s beautiful song from her 1969 album, “Clouds.” (Dyanne first heard the song at age 16, right after joining her first professional band, and has loved the song since)