Robert Svilpa – Foucault’s Pendulum

CD: $ 10 DIGITAL: $ 7


1.Intro 00:12
2.Foucault’s Pendulum (1st Movement) 08:15
3.Foucault’s Pendulum (2nd Movement) 07:15
4.Foucault’s Pendulum (3rd movement) 11:06
5.Interlude 1 00:05
6.Foucault’s Pendulum (4th Movement) 08:13
7.Foucault’s Pendulum (5th Movement) 05:32
8.Coffee Outro 00:50
9.Post-Script -Denouement (6th Movement) 07:49


This is a project that has spanned 3+ years from initiation to final completion – a composition built on an etude composed in 1993, expanded out into a fully realized instrumental suite for a rock band featuring the talents of Andy Edwards, John Jowitt, Igor Willcox, Chris Cullman, Marc Miller, and Todd Sucherman. The title reflects the idea of a rhythmic, thematic and melodic musical cycle – just like life, where the journey begins is where it ultimately ends.

Thanks also to my family and friends who tolerated getting early mixes for feedback – the constructive reviews were very helpful.

Special thanks to Martin Kornick for cover and liner art and packaging.
Not to be forgotten – Nick Katona at Melodic Revolution Records for his consulting and support in getting this project complete and putting it in front of an audience.

Released March 11, 2022, Many thanks to Marc Miller, Andy Edwards, John Jowitt, Todd Sucherman, Chris Cullman, and Igor Willcox for not only their amazing performances but also their energy and immense support for the material.
– Robert