Stanislav and The Lion – Arias For Dreaming

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1. The Cage (Endless Shadows Mix) 07:24
2. Verdun II Fallout (Ethereal Mix) 17:51
3. Plague Lullaby (Disembodied Voices Mix) 08:52


Clocking in at over 34 minutes, this EP of remixed and reimagined compositions is from the “Myths Retold & Other Lies To Tell Your Children-Deluxe Edition” sessions. Includes downloadable art by Stano and Leõn and photography by Jana Camelo

Corey Stano: Vox, prose, imagery
Juan R Leõn: Music, composition, NS Stick, Stick, bass, synths, audible pleasures
Remixed by Juan R Leõn at SSR Studios
Photography by Jana Camelo
Art by Corey Stano
Layout by Red Earth Designs