Tempus Sidereum – Tempus Sidereum I

LP: $25 Digital: $7

Featuring members of K2, Leon Alvarado, Spocks Beard, Abstract Logix, Bomber Goggles, Roger Daltrey, Sound of Contact, and Jason Mraz among others


Ken Jaquess, known for his work with K2, unveils his latest endeavor—a solo album that might initially appear to be a new supergroup. However, it’s actually a collection of five songs featuring an array of talented guest musicians, including:

Johnny Bruhns (Leon Alverado, Circa, Yoso)
Ryo Okumoto (Spocks Beard, K2, GPS)
Alex Machacek (Abstract Logix)
James E. Keegan (Patter-Seeking Animals, Bomber Goggles, Spocks Beard)
Katie Jacoby (The Showdown Kids, Roger Daltrey)
Matt Dorsey (Sound of Contact, In Continuum, The Dave Kerzner Band)
Carlos Sosa (Jason Mraz, Daft Punk)Tiaday Rock, Courtney Ireland, Carlos Sosa Denis, and Brent George also contribute their talents to the project.