The Maple Verse – Prove Me Wrong

CD: $12

1. Sounds and Voices 05:47
2. Invasion 04:42
3. Just a Bit 04:20
4. Periodic Wind 04:38
5. Remnants of a Sacred Past 08:20
6. Visions 04:06
7. A Midnight Contemplation 07:25
8. Fall and Ascend 03:23
9. Human Ways 03:57


Debut release by British prog outfit Maple Verse recommended if you like Collage, Freedom to Glide, Here on Earth, Ricky Patel and Retrospective

After six years of cultivating his passion for music, playing keyboards in various bands and developing one side project after the other, Bartek Kosiński has announced the beginning of The Maple Verse – the main and most important project of his career so far and one that he plans to develop intesively over the upcoming years. The long discography of albums that are yet to be made begins today with “Prove Me Wrong”.

“Prove Me Wrong” is a great summary of all the various influences that Bartek has picked up over the years, balancing between complicated progressive rock structures and simpler alternative and art pop songs. The sound palette ranges from gentle piano and string orchestra to fierce drumming and heavy guitars. The common factors keeping those pieces together is Bartek’s soft vocals and his deep and personal lyrics.

“Prove Me Wrong is the exact kind of musical journey I wanted my first proper album to be. It takes the listener through the different shades of my musical soul, I’m extremely proud of it. Every person I invited to work with me on the album has expanded its depth further and I’m very grateful to everyone who contributed to it”.