Time Horizon – Power of Three

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Time Horizon is a Northern California-based melodic art-rock influenced band with two highly acclaimed previously released albums has returned with a third album titled “Power of Three”

The entire album is a musical journey for the listener. Songs differ in style, yet still, have a recognizable sound that is Time Horizon.

Artwork by Ed Unitsky

Released February 22, 2022
Catalog Number: MRRCD 22206


1. Living for a Better Day 07:47
2. I Hear I See 06:53
3. Prelude 02:31
4. The Razor’s Edge 04:57
5. Steve’s Song 03:59
6. Time to Wonder Why 05:39
7. The Great Divide 06:09
8. Digital Us 06:20
Ralph Otteson: Keyboards, Piano, Hammond Organ, and support vocals
Bruce Gaetke: Drums, support vocals, and lead vocals for “Razors Edge”
Allen White: Electric fretted and fretless bass guitars
Dave Miller: Electric and acoustic guitars
Michael Gregory: electric lead guitar and acoustic guitars.