Zoungla – Entwine

CD: $ 12

Melodic Revolution Distribution

1. Great Mountain of Life 07:47
2. Wakefulness in Sleep 08:09
3. Release 07:39
4. Anahata 09:47
5. Young Man 05:34
6. Wonky Kong 09:23
7. Charging by the Crystal Cave 08:13
8. Crimson Sandcastle 06:28
9. Entwine 08:02


As early as Costa Damoulianos began to learn the letters of the alphabet he was learning the notes of the piano. At the age of twelve, he strived for a broader awareness of music and turned to the bass guitar and drums which eventually led to the discovery of his talent for playing guitar and singing. When Costa turned 17 he began his professional music career and attended Vanier Music School to learn jazz guitar.

However, the most crucial moment of his early adolescence was the day that his father introduced him to a tape mixer, this was the day when Costa first found his love for mixing and producing music. Multi instrumental curiosity led him to technologically advance in what he believes to be one of today’s most interesting musical techniques; electronic composition.

Costa takes influence from various styles of music such as Pink Floyd, Ott, Shpongle, Jeff Martin, Dream Theater, Argaman, Rush, Hans Zimmer, Pain of Salvation, Yanni, Devin Townsend and Koji Kondo. His love for music continued to expand and develop and he increasingly devoted his time towards a psychedelic direction, introducing Zoungla.

Thriving for balance, Costa paints Zoungla using ethnic sounds of the past with futuristic electronic tones, extremes from silly to sad, dark to bright, calm to intense and serious to fun.

Released March 19, 2013

Music composed and produced by Costa Damoulianos
Artwork by Stephane Perez
Zoungla logo by Matt Cadoch