According to a statement by the band on social media.

As of 5 pm April 10th, 2019, Colouratura have officially decided to call it quits.

Nate and I came to a mutual decision to pursue our own projects separately – though we aren’t ruling out working together in the future in a different capacity.

For right now we will continue to be friends, but there are no plans to record under the name Colouratura. It’s cool!

Thanks to everyone for supporting us in realizing two really odd records, and to our label Melodic Revolution Records for helping to get the word out.

Colouratura is a studio project/band that started back in early 2016,  Nathan James – voice, keyboards, bass, horn and Ian Beabout – flute, editing, sound design, and production. the band released two albums Unfamiliar Skies (2018) CD & Digital on Melodic Revolution Records and their self-released album Colouratura (2017) CD & Digital

From all of us at Melodic Revolution Records we would like to wish both Nathan James and Ian Beabout the best in all future endeavors.