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Alyshen is a musician, composer, and lyricist with an eclectic style that transcends genre. His carefully-crafted compositions rise above ethnic and language barriers. The result is a uniquely global sound. In an instant, Alyshen can change, adapt and evolve his art to his current surroundings. He is a true creative chameleon! 

Alyshen’s first musical experience was performing in the church choir at the age of nine. Within two years, he was invited into a music studio and introduced to a producer. He explains, “For the first time I experienced a professional atmosphere and expert musicians. Immediately, I felt the connection and began developing my musical passion.”

He began his early teen years as the lead vocalist of a successful boy band trio. After leaving the band, at the age of only fifteen, he composed a song entitled “I’ll Go Now” which received heavy radio rotation. Although Alyshen’s musical success started early, Alyshen looks at it differently. He explains, “I like to think that I survived this phase – luckily – in order to evolve more deeply as a musician.” Indeed, soon he would forge his own path and develop as an adult artist.

Leaving his hometown at the age of eighteen, Alyshen enrolled at the prestigious Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts in Russia. After attending the University, he spent time traveling across the world performing professionally. While doing so, he morphed from a young choir boy into an incredibly unique and talented performing artist.

Alyshen benefited from numerous opportunities to perform in music festivals and contests from Los Angeles to Moscow. In addition to worldwide performances, Alyshen has had the opportunity to participate in two major television shows – one of which was a talent search show – the other an international reality show.

His musical influences are drawn from his lifelong interest in a broad range of styles. “I have never boxed myself into listening to one type of music,” says Alyshen. Since childhood, he has enjoyed the works of artists from pop, electronic, jazz and even music from the 1950s and 60s. Along with this exposure to many artists and genres, Alyshen’s style and understanding of how to express his thoughts through his songs have evolved. He composes his own lyrics and melodies while basing his material on real-life experiences. “Whatever genre I am working in, I aim for a sound that has a sensual, strong and is laden with emotional affect,” he explains.

Alyshen released his debut album, The Revolution of Me in 2010. The seventeen-track album exemplifies his experience in various musical styles, containing elements of timeless soul, r&b, dance, and euro-pop. The tracks represent the essence of Alyshen’s chameleon-like ability to transverse styles. Alyshen explains the album’s title as his own revolution in creativity and perception of the world. He elaborates, “The album was a result of my unexpected discovery of different aspects of my consciousness.”

Melodic and addictive compositions pervade the album. There are slow romantic ballads such as “U Give Good Love,” as well as tech-based dance tracks such as “Betty.” Alyshen’s vocals in “Made Me Cry” display his vibrato and perfect pitch. The Revolution of Me holds true to Alyshen’s global awareness with a variety of genres and additional bonus tracks in both Japanese and Russian. Within his debut album, Alyshen successfully blended a complex amalgam of musical genres – something that is difficult to do for even seasoned artists. The Revolution of Me stands as a testament to the value of Alyshen’s global connection and experience.

Currently, Alyshen is nearing completion on his sophomore release, which will be entitled, Alef. He continues to travel around the world while making it a point to collaborate with musicians in various styles. Alyshen’s artistic goal continues to be to connect the people of the world through music. With hooky melodies and sensual vocals, his music continues to evolve as he absorbs and experiences new languages, styles, and genres. Alyshen uses his global experiences with his innate ability to blend his music into whatever stylistic backdrop exists behind him. With an ability to adapt quickly and change the “color” of his music, there are sure to be more future revolutions and evolutions for this true creative chameleon …

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The Revolution of Me (2009)