Photo By Joseph Garcia

California based prog band AmuZeum has been receiving much praise for their highly anticipated debut album New Beginnings.

AmuZeum is a Southern CA, progressive rock band with an impressive pedigree that goes back more than a decade. The five members have crossed paths many times through the years in LA studios and playing in different bands such as Mars HollowTen JinnGabble Ratchet, and Heliopolis, all of which had various degrees of success. 

1. The Challenge 11:22 
2. Changing Seasons 09:00
3. Birthright 04:16
4. Naysayer 06:34
5. Shadow Self 06:54 
6. Carousel 12:12

“New Beginnings” is Produced by AmuZeum and mixed by the legendary Billy Sherwood who is best known for his work with Yes and Circa among others. The album was mastered by Grammy winner Mike Bozzi at Bernie Grundman Mastering

The album is filled with sonic landscapes, interwoven melodies, soaring harmonies, dynamic rhythms, and insightful moving lyrics all combine to create a tapestry to engage the listener and compel them to embark on a journey ……..destination unknown!! 

Although the debut album was written and recorded before the COVID-19 worldwide outbreak,
it’s interesting (and somewhat scary) how much of the lyrical content relates to what is happening RIGHT NOW.

Just a few examples:
“Out Of The Confusion, Comes Order – A Union” (Changing Seasons)

“One World, One Mind, One Life In-Kind, Insanity, Humanity Cries
One Heart, One Soul, One Voice Of Hope, Unity Calling Us Home
Calling Us Home” (Birthright)

“Always Darkest Before The Dawn, The Promise Of Light Makes You Keep Holding On, There’s A Calm At The End Of The Storm, Where Hope Belongs” (Naysayer)

” Can You Feel It Deep Inside, To Change Your World, A State Of Mind” (Carousel)

Even the title of the album, “New Beginnings” speaks of strength, resilience, and hope for the future (and we will have a new beginning when we come out of this on the other side !!)

Here’s to the healing power of music, and the joy it can bring.
We hope you enjoy the new album.

Michael, Mark, Matt, Jerry, Scott

AmuZeum is:
Michael Matier – Guitars
Matt Brown – Keyboards & Vocals
Mark Wickliffe – Bass & Vocals
Jerry Beller – Drums & Vocals
Scott Jones – Voice