“Stroke and recovery… For those that don’t know… Well its been an interesting year. Found an awesome record label to help with getting us heard… www.melodicrevolution.com Album got dozens of great reviews ect…Then last end of November ( just days after finishing the album ) I blew up… I had a massive stroke. Docs told Allison I wouldn’t live past the first night. I did but spent the next 4 months in the hospital and a wheelchair…wishing I hadn’t. They had to hoist me out of bed with a machine called a lifter… Looks like a small crane . Feeding tube and all. It was not cool.

Completely paralyzed me on the left side and very uncoordinated on the right. It hit my audio nerve so even people walking by my room was like explosions going off, I couldn’t hear the deference between a kick drum and a vocal line, plus it just hurt. Then the docs said ” get used to it ” you will never walk again. From that day on I broke all the hospital rules… Just falling all over the place… All the time trying to relearn how to stand and walk… I would get up, fall down and just lie there until someone would come in an and put me back in bed. Then after only a couple weeks I could stand on my own ! Then about a month later after they upped my rehab, I was walking with a walker, then 2 canes, then one, then finally, home with all the walkers, canes and wheelchair with instructions to use them at all times… They never left the car ! To make a long story long… 11 months later I’m back to rock climbing, bilking, running, and playing / mixing music… Other then a slight speech impairment you wouldn’t know anything happened.

They don’t know what caused the stroke… All my numbers were great. The big fight with the docs was they wanted me on blood pressure meds and blood thinners ( which I never took ) even though my bp was 110/79 and there was no clot…. Idiots ! I had better numbers then they did. They never once even after pleading with them addressed diet and kept feeding me unhealthy food…. But at least I lost 50 pounds…though not in the best way possible.

Well thanks to Allison’s help, and my friends, seeing a real doctor ( called a nutritionist ), NOT following anything the AMA has to say or give me to take, becoming a strict vegan… Mostly raw whole foods and 60 minutes a day of meditation. I have turned this whole nightmare into a spiritual journey…. Zen Buddhism full on. Lesson : I became my own doctor and started my self down this road 7 months ago. The food and drink you put in your body is EVERYTHING ! Things you might think are healthy might not be… Do the research. Do not trust the AMA for anything but a broken bone or something like that. Most of them are insane or delusional at best. If you or someone you know ever has a brain injury let them know its up to them how much they will recover. Just have patience. Be aggressive but be zen.”

Take care,