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US Melodic Rocker Atom Stone releases “Hate Love” a song that delves into the realization and acknowledgment of life’s journey, guided by the unpredictable forces of the universe. It reflects on the notion that, at times, life takes us through various experiences to impart valuable lessons and reveal profound truths. In the grand scheme of this journey, it becomes evident that, despite encountering challenges, there is a need to pause and understand that fostering the genuine happiness of others is an essential aspect of personal growth.

The lyrics convey the idea that sometimes the person we believe we are meant to be with may not be the right fit. In such instances, maturity lies in acknowledging this reality and allowing that person to find happiness with someone else. The song emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the well-being and joy of others over selfish desires or emotions. It encourages a broader perspective, recognizing that true happiness for someone you care about may lie beyond your connection with them. In essence, “Hate Love” underscores the significance of selflessness and conscious awareness in relationships, urging listeners to embrace the beauty of allowing others to find their own happiness.

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Hate Love Performers
Atom Stone – Vocals
Dan Tracey (Alan Parson) Guitar and Keyboards
Nick Sturms on Guitar,
Luis Espaillat (Trace Adkins) Bass
Christopher Williams (Accept) Drums
Atom Stone (KRYR) Lead Vocals

Engineered by Dave Albro and Nick Sturms

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About Atom Stone

Atom Stone, a New York-based vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, who mastered woodwind instruments and later became a skilled guitarist. Growing up around his father’s recording studio in Utica, NY, he absorbed inspiration and knowledge, immersing himself in the live music scene of Upstate NY.

During his teenage years, Stone left an indelible mark on the local scene by performing in numerous local and regional bands. He showcased his versatility by delivering both cover performances and creating original material. This period nurtured and solidified his identity as the vocalist you see and hear today, characterized by a carefully crafted, unique, and distinctive style and sound.

In the mid-2000s, Atom founded KRYR, releasing the debut album “The Road to Me” in 2010. Despite challenges, he explored new musical directions, leading to the current mainstream melodic rock sound.

In 2019, Atom collaborated with industry veterans on the album “Take Me To The Fire,” showcasing his soaring vocals and memorable hooks. His style, often likened to a mix of Steve Perry, Robert Plant, and Lou Gramm, reflects his carefully crafted and distinctive musical identity.

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