Clarabelle is an allegory of which the song and video was inspired by a wonderful doll creation made by Clare Powls.

About the Captain

The captain is a troubadour, storyteller and free-thinking renegade. His musical offerings are inspired by the great songwriters and philosophers of yesteryear. This is visceral music for the mind and body, full of dreamy verses, life affirming choruses and sheer audacity. Where melodic invention meets alternative folk, progressive, world and ambient sounds.

He is not just the figurehead of his musical vessel, he’s ringmaster, bard, master of ceremonies and sage. There’s far more to him and his absurdly engaging world than any of your ten – a – penny musical stars. Seen through showers of glitter, kaleidoscopic lens flares and in the rainbows of a million puddles. The captain tells sonic stories to connect with everyone past, present and future. 

Captain Of The Lost Waves Discography

Not Your Average Love Song (2023) Digital & Streaming
Hidden Gems Chapter 3 (2022) CD, Digital & Streaming
Hidden Gems Chapter 2 (2019) CD, Digital & Streaming
Synthesis (2028) LP, CD, Digital & Streaming
Hidden Gems Chapter 1 (2017) Digital & Streaming

Shaun T. Hunter Solo Discography

Still Talking Scribble (2010) CD, Digital & Streaming
Thinnest Hopes Magnified (2009) CD, Digital & Streaming
The Great Departure (2007) CD, Digital & Streaming
Flying Not Falling (2004) CD, Digital & Streaming

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