Colin Tench

Short Bio

Colin Tench: “What is this and who the hell are we? I was working on some new ideas and decided it would be interesting to hide (but use) my influences and previous work within a completely new piece of music. It is a starting point for the future. I decided to ask people that I greatly admire their musical sensibilities. They needed to want to be involved and that is key in my view.

Of course, Gary has been a great friend and collaborator for so many years. We met when I joined Odin and we went on to create BunChakeze. Nuff said!” 
“Gary Derrick (Gabby Reddick) is the perfect bass player for this new venture and he and I co-wrote one of the hidden pieces in this. Thankfully he has added a Rickenbacker to his collection (cos he sold his one years ago. Aargh!). He has been busy with many bands in London for all these years and most recently RELEASES THE PEACH. Gary is the classic rocker.

Victor Tassone (Vic Porcnob), the insanely good drummer of Unified Past and when he said yes, I almost fell off my chair. Wow!! This is a drummer who listens to the music and compliments what’s there and came up with fabulous ideas with percussion too. He doesn’t just hit things. Vic is the Virtuoso.

Marco Chiappini (Marc Oh Lord), the founder and keyboard player of Gandalf’s Project was the obvious guy for keyboards. He instinctively knows what is the right approach and sound. He got it right every time. Mellotrons!!! Marco is the atmospheric progger. What is this? Prog? I believe so. Hard to get into? Not even slightly! It is what we eggspurts call “crossover”.

The four of us actually play very different kinds of music to one another. This is as it should be. So much more interesting that way. One thing we all have is a love of music. So this is kinda screwed up classic/prog. This has been fabulous fun and I am so lucky that these musicians are cool enough to take the time to do this. I hope that they will again! I hope the fun comes through when you listen to it. Please tell others if you like it. If we can make Porcnob, OhLord and Reddick rich, they may come back and do some more!” Colin Tench (the slightly prog widdler)

Band Members

Colin Tench: Guitar& Noises

Additional Musicians

Gary Derrick: Bass
Victor Tassone: Drums
Marco Chiappini: Keyboard
Phil Naro: Vocals


minor Masterpiece (Waters Records) December 24, 2017, CD & Digital Download
Hair in a G-String (Waters Records) September 30, 2016 , CD & Digital Download
When I’m Dreaming Of You  (Melodic Revolution Records) September 24, 2015, Digital Download
Shining Lights (Melodic Revolution Records) September 16th, 2012) Digital Download
La Palo Desperado – (Melodic Revolution Records) December 12th, 2014, Digital Download
Can’t See It Any Other Way – (Melodic Revolution Records) March 25th, 2014, Digital Download
The Mad Yeti – (Melodic Revolution Records) May 21st, 2012, Digital Download
Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Screwed – (Melodic Revolution Records) March 7, 2012, Digital Download