We are very excited to announce that Colin Tench is back with a new CTP single “When I’m Dreaming Of You.” featuring a star studded cast.

“When I’m Dreaming Of You” is a catchy pop tune with big hooks, harmonies and even some light orchestration, the music was written by fellow Transmission Rails song writer John Moulder and lyrics and vocals were written and performed by singer song writer Phil Naro, also appearing are: Steve Gresswell, Gary Hodges, Kelly Brown, Gary Smith and Tina Sibley, Kirsten Weingartner, Ned Horner, Aleksis Zarins of the Springfield Symphony.

“When I’m Dreaming Of You” will be released as a single on September 24th, the full length version will be released on the CTP album in the future.
According to Colin Tench “This fits perfectly with what I want the album to be. Not in any genre or era. Full of memorable tunes for sure and this song is surely that!”

When I’m Dreaming Of You Cast
Vocals: Phil Naro (Unified Past, Backhand)
Lead Guitar: Colin Tench (Corvus Stone, Oceans 5)
Drums: Gary Hodges (Buckingham Nicks)
Keyboards: Steve Gresswell (Coalition)
Keyboards: Kelly Brown (Ozark Mountain Daredevils)
Guitar & Bass: Gary Smith (Ozark Mountain Daredevils)
Tina Sibley (Springfield Symphony)
Kirsten Weingartner (Springfield Symphony)
Ned Horner (Springfield Symphony)
Aleksis Zarins (Springfield Symphony)
Violins: (Springfield Symphony String Section)

Original music by John Moulder
Lyrics by Phil Naro
Mixed & Mastered by Steve Gresswell
Logo and art layout by Nick Katona

Colin Tench: http://www.corvusstone.com
Phil Naro: http://philnaro.com/
Gary Hodges: https://www.facebook.com/glhodges1
Steve Gresswell: https://www.facebook.com/Steve-Gresswell-442768909088975
Ozark Mountain Daredevils: http://www.ozarkdaredevils.com/
Springfield Symphony: http://www.springfieldmosymphony.org/