The new solo album, the third in as many years by Darrel Treece-Birch (DTB), keyboardist for Nth Ascension, TEN and solo Composer will be released late fall 2017, 2017 with pre-orders beginning early October via Melodic Revolution Records.

Darrel returns in 2017 with a new instrumental rock album, filled with passion and defiance. The struggles we all face, each of us frail and strong, conflicted yet resolved, and within us turmoil that finds the resolution to move forward in life. The music is elegant and complex yet familiar to the human spirit. Words have a way of rewriting our future, but so does sound and maybe in a more profound way because it speaks to our heart where possibility is infinite. Ten songs, ten messages of positivity, each transforming us from the inside out. This new work is nothing short of a manifesto of the soul, Treece-Birch gives us the opus of the mind

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