Darrel Treece-Birch is releasing  No More Time in early Autumn 2016 – this sophomore album is a tremendously strong undertaking, showing a wide range in song-writing ability and musicianship. We all know what a phenomenal keyboardist Darrel Treece-Birch is from his work with TEN and Nth Ascension – who by the way is also releasing an album on Melodic Revolution Records this Autumn! But to truly see the skill and artistry of this amazing musician you need to hear his solo works. Previously, he came to us with ambient melodies and laconic passages that brought the stars into our ears, but the new work takes us on a journey into a world that is wholly his, in all its complexity and simplicity simultaneously.

He has been teasing us with tantalizing artwork and one-word descriptors regarding the album for weeks now… all we can deduce as the listening public is that this album is EPIC!

This album is the culmination of a lifetime of living, of meeting amazing muscians, experimenting with sound and vibration and letting that amalgam of sensory stimuli give birth to a creation that will take you on a journey inside yourself. The guest artists alone are noteworthy and the concept one that will strike deep within humanity’s soul. His mastery of emotive melodies, haunting and lyrically beautiful keyboard passages carry us from the first piece to the last leaving you breathless and wanting more.

If you can’t wait for a taste have a listen to to River Dream from the upcoming album No More Time; it will leave you breathless and somewhere in your head contemplating life’s nuances as the waters slowly travel to the sea.

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