Such Love Is This – Love personified through the diversification of life upon this planet.

Ambient Progressive Artist Darrel Treece-Birch returns with a fourth music video to support his current release Celestial. The video is Darrel’s interpretation of love as described by the symbiotic relationship of all living entities upon our planet. It is the wonder and awe felt by the higher lifeforms for the nature of our being and all that is still unknown to us and its complexity of form. The humility which we humans must accept in the face of such overwhelming bio-diversity for the interconnected nature of our own existence. This theme is carried on from Blue Planet and gives us the energy and vitality of the creatures with whom we share this world and the cosmos. This delicate instrumental driven by Treece-Birch’s signature piano notes with light and ethereal tones says love from the deepest recesses of the heart and gives wings to our very soul.

Celestial was released on October 2, 2015, and features 16 tracks composed, performed and arranged, mixed and mastered by Darrel Treece-Birch.  The first half of the journey – “Interstellar” speaks of the journey from the beginnings of our universe and its expansion through to our corner of this vast space. Videos released for Interstellar have been Celestial the title track and Nebula.

Treece-Birch brings to its close this journey in 2016, setting the scene on our watery planet with videos from “Heliosphere” including the previous release Blue Planet and now Such Love Is This. The arrow of time points in the direction of an ordered universe which is where our epic journey leaves us. Treece-Birch has allowed our spirits to experience the dawn of creation, to the birth of stars; taken us on a journey light years from our beginnings to find our way to the Milky Way Galaxy and finally gently resting our souls on a  Blue Planet we call our home . A work of beauty manifest through love and painted in ambient; ethereal exquisite beauty by none other than Darrel Treece-Birch.

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