Days Before Tomorrow

The band originally began developing “Your Song” during the making of their award-winning debut, “The Sky Is Falling,” but the song wasn’t completed in time for the making of that record. Hardcore fans of the band may notice that the ballad actually carries forward a musical theme from the first album to the next, as the intention was for the ballad to connect musically with the former record’s instrumental piece, “In the Air.” Today, Days Before Tomorrow performs those two musical pieces together, live in concert. 

Lyrically, “Your Song” was born out of a snarky comment made to Scott by a girlfriend many years ago: “Why don’t you write any songs for me?” Thus was born the idea to write her a love song, but since she enjoyed ribbing Scott about it, he decided to have some fun and turn it into a song for world peace as well. Why should she have the entire song to herself, after all?

“Your Song” can be found on the band’s latest release Now and Then Part II: Stories and Dreams which was released on 10/20/2023 and is available on CD, Digital, and streaming.

All Music By Days Before Tomorrow
All Lyrics Eric Klein except “Your Song” by Scott Kahn
Mastered By: George Keller

Mixed by James Linton (Bobby Kimball).

Eric Klein: vocals
Scott Kahn: guitars, backing vocals
Derek Davodowich: guitars, backing vocals
John Gale: keyboards, backing vocals
Matt Maldonado: drums
Jacob Asbury: bass, vocals 

Previous Releases 
The Sky Is Falling (2009)
Days Before Tomorrow (2006)

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